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ATHINA 39 is an automatic rotary volumetric machine and is ideal for filling of thick materials as: honey, jam, (hazelnut-chocolate mousse), butter, salads, yoghurt, etc.

The stages that are followed are following:

  1. Automatic bowl supplying.
  2. Filling of bowls with vertical or circling flow.
  3. Αutomatic supplying and warm sticking of sheet of aluminium.
  4. Placing of date.
  5. Automatic supplying of plastic cap.

Technical characteristics

Productive force: up to 1500 bowls/hour
Quantity: 100gr-500gr
Way of filling: Volumetric
Filling difference: ±2%
Electric Supply: 220V, 50Hz
Power: 1.2kW
Dimensions: 1300*850*1800mm
Weight 210kilos
Manufacture: Stainless steal