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The bottling line of VETRO-10 includes completely automatic machine. There is constituted from:

  • Filler for fluid, semi-fluid and thick materials in glass, metal and plastic, bottles, bowls and containers, in different forms (circular, elliptic and orthogonal cross-section), 4-6 and 8 filling heads, proportional with their productive faculty. The ways of filling that can be used are with time, with level, volumetric and with vacuum.
  • Automatic feeder of caps (vibrator).
  • Capper for plastic and metal caps, [flip-top caps] and screwing with various diameters.
  • Labeller of self-adhesive labels with possibility of placement one, two or three labels (front, back and in the neck of bottle).

The base of the machine and all the individual elements that come in contact with the material are manufactured from stainless steal and special plastic.

Advantages of this line are:

  1. The simple operation and maintenance.
  2. The possibility of application in wide range of products, materials and sizes of packing.

Technical characteristics

Productive force: up to 1500 bottles/hour
Quantity: 30gr-5000gr
Ways of Filling: Time or level or volumetric
Filling difference: ±5%
Electric Supply: 380V, 50Hz
Wattage: 2.5kW
Dimensions: 6000*1500*2100mm
Weight: 400 kilos
Manufacture: Stainless steal

The machines are accompanied with guarantee of one year in the electrical and electronic elements, and two years in mechanical.

The machines of this line have application in the bottling of following products:

  • Humid detergents of general use
  • Shampoo, bubble-baths
  • Parapharmaceutic products and cosmetics
  • Olive oils and seed-oils
  • Mineral oils
  • Antifreezes and liquids of brakes
  • Table water
  • Juices, Wine and various drinks
  • Milk
  • Ketchup and mustard
  • Hazelnut chocolate mousse
  • Colours, paints, etc